We give people a moment to slow down and create connection through coffee-centered moments. 

Our world runs at a fast pace. New technologies allow us to get things done faster than ever before.

Projects pop up. Deadlines must be met.


We too found ourselves always rushing. Except for those brief moments, when we could inhale the sweet aroma of espresso, slowly sipping the steamed milk. 

It was in those moments that we realized coffee had the power to slow us down and create, recreate even, the connections we all long for. 

As employees and business owners, party hosts and party-goers, as event planners and attendees, we understand the need to balance the drive to get things done with the opportunity to slow down and show people how much they are valued and appreciated. Because it's in those moments where people reclaim connection. 

Intentional Espresso provides quality, coffee-centered moments for all of life’s events to enhance community and build relationships over a shared cup. Because every person deserves to have connection.​